Small Quadcopter frame

Hello all,

I am interested in building a Quadcopter using Navio2 (duh), and currently I am looking for a framekit that will enable me to fly Indoors easily.

Naturally, I am looking for a small frame that is 150-200mm, I already did research and there are plenty of small framekits available and I have no problem choosing an arbitrary framekit. However, I’m not sure which of them will house the RPI3 and Navio without having too much trouble, since it is a small framekit I might run into trouble when I realize that the propellers collide with the board.

Regarding size of the framekit: I assume 300mm is too big for indoors flight, meaning that flying through door frames wont be as easy and that the propellers will hit the door frame. If I am wrong and 300mm quadcopter (Such as the standard DJI framekit) will serve this purpose Ill buy it right away because I know the board will sit there nicely.

Equipment: As minimal as it can get: Motors, ESCs, Battery, Navio2+RPI3 and RPI Camera

So my question is: How can I make sure the small framekit or perhaps RTF/ARTF kit that I will order will be a safe bet? Obviously if any of you already has done this I’d like to hear it and maybe even recommendations.


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250mm frame will be a very tight install, but is certainly doable. Here is an example of how things fit: