Small nitpicks with the Navio2 (and ArduCopter)

Hi everyone,

My drone is basically finished, but I still have some small problems with it.

  1. Battery monitor: not really working properly. I configured everything as is told in the documentation, yet it never gives me an accurate level of the battery (I’ve never seen it drop below 90%). I have Navio’s power module and a 4s 4000mAh battery, could there be something crucial I’m missing? So far I rely on the voltage (which seems to be consistently lower than the one my charger reports, even though I’m not heavily demanding any power from it except the Raspberry Pi.)
  2. I have configured my drone to interpret the left switch on my quanum i8 as “Brake”, so I want it to actually stay in that mode whatever I do. However, when I switch modes using the knob on the right, the quad will go out of brake mode. What I would want is the quad to stay in brake mode, letting me pick another mode, and when I turn the switch off it’ll go in the new mode. Is this possible?
  3. Not really a problem with the Navio, but if anyone here has insights into this I would be very thankful: I would really love to see level of the battery of my transmitter (quanum i8), but I have no idea how. Any ideas?

Apart from these small problems, it has been very fun building, flying and programming. Thanks Emlid :slight_smile:

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to …

  1. You need to calibrate the battery monitor for both voltage and current
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