Small and light GPS antenna

Hello, i am trying to setup a small quad as light as possible.

I am looking for a light gps antenna that can be used with navio that has decent performances.

I am using a decased stock antenna at the moment but it comes decased at 15 grams and i would like something a bit lighter.

If anybody has any suggestions are more than welcome.



7 grams

Thanks Benedikt. Isn’t this pretty difficult to mount on the standard navio mcx plug? Do i have to add a cable to it or it plugs right on top of the navio plug?

Also do you know of any patch antenna?


yeah you might need an adapter and/or soldering skills with an rf shield;
the smaller it gets, the worse it becomes; try out smaller patch antennas and report; but if you want to to have really light weight antennas - stick to helix antennas; they can be really light-weight (and expensive) emlid guys pointed out some good helix antennas - so search the forum! also helix antennas tend to behave much better when your aircraft tilts!

Ok, i’ll take a look at those, thanks!!