Small and cheap PPM receiver option

Came across this and want to share it because I think it could be the perfect receiver for Navio users who are only buying a receiver for backup/joystick or tiny quads. Not only is it extremely small it is very cheap at about 11 euro.

Together with a super cheap Hobby King OrangeRX or other DSMX receiver it makes sense for people who really don’t want to buy an RC device for their Navio, but would like the backup/accurate landing capability.

It doesn’t work with the Taranis of course, but that’s a whole different price/professional range with it’s own already small receivers (the XR4 range).


heres a tiny FrSKy one ;


Wow! Shame no telemetry but still viable for the backup option for people with a Taranis/OpenTX.

Although not small HK recently came up with the CHEAPEST RC solution for APM platforms. At 50-odd euro nobody can complain about needing an RC input solution…

Click their video link on the product page. It’s also quite good for a simplified DJI style “dumb user” solution.