SMA connector on the REACH board

Is there a particular reason why the MCX antenna connector was chosen for the Reach board?. In future can we expect a Reach board with SMA connector similar to the Neo 6T USB dongle.

MCX is more compact. SMA is rarely used in OEM receivers (Topcon uses HFL, Javad uses MMCX).
There will be no SMA version of Reach for now.
If someone wants to use antenna with SMA connector it can be connected using an SMA-to-MCX adapter.

MCX is more compact and widely used in other OEM receivers. But since your product is an open source platform, so as an end user could we request a few boards with SMA connector. As SMA provides a more stable connection. Or a board without any connector with just the pads where the end user could solder an SMA connector. Having a converter or adapter only makes it more prone to failures.

We can’t make a few boards in other configuration as small product volumes are complicated both for manufacturing and logistics.
You can desolder MCX connector and attach SMA instead.

Sounds good. Thank you!