Slow start with Reachview wifi and RS2

The android notebook wifi has difficulty to find the RS2 in Setting/wifi scanning. Mostly it takes more than 15 minutes to get in contact. Other wifi seems to be stronger than the RS2 reciever!

Is it not possible to start Reachview via RS2 bluetooth?

Hi Jan-Olov,

May I ask you to specify the firmware version of your Reach RS2? Do I understand correctly that you have difficulties connecting to the receiver with the hotspot of the device? Is the SIM card inserted in Reach RS2 at that moment?

It’s not possible to access the ReachView app via Bluetooth. Bluetooth is used as a way of the Position Output, Correction Input and Correction Output only.

The version is v2.22.4 and the RS2 does not update to v2.22.5, despite steady blue light for one hour!

Hi Jan-Olov,

Could you please specify at what stage the update is frozen? Would you mind checking if moving the receiver closer to the Wi-Fi router helps with the connection speed?

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