Skid steer rover configuration

Hi all.
I have a skid steer rover currently running RPI 3b+ using 4g telemetry and video over UDP.

I’m having issues with configuring the parameters correctly. I’m using a pololu trex Jr dual brushless motor controller in conventional rc input mode. The 2 channels are connected to outputs 1 and 3 and have the ESC settings set to brushless bipolar. Servo1 is set to throttle left and servo 3 is set to throttle right. I can’t seem to get the motors to operate.

Could anyone with a skid steer rover please share there parameter setup to point me in the right direction for the necessary configuration to get the motors online?

Many thanks

you have to set MOT_PWM_TYPE to “normal”, not “brushed bipolar”.

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Thanks so much! That worked! I was convinced brushless bi-polar was the option to choose but I was wrong.

I now have one small other problem. I can’t seem to achieve reverse. The motors can reverse direction… for example… they move in opposite directions when performing a spot turn… but I can’t reverse the rover using the on screen joystick. Initially the rover would just start driving… that was until I turned “auto joystick centre” off. That fixed the auto driving problem as I could zero the joystick. Unfortunately I actually want the joystick to centre so I can choose forward AND reverse.

Thanks again

When you are saying “onscreen joystick” are you refering to the QGroundcontrol onscreen joystick?
I do not use Qgroundcontrol that much, but I remember a check box in the joystick setup screen, to set zero throttle at the bottom or in the middle. I do not know, if this also affects the onscreen joystick.

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