Single then float but no fix (realtime)

Hey all,
Did my first night of observations last night.
Reach in rover mode recieving corrections from cors nerwork. 8 satellites observed from each station (grey bars showing). Single solution immediately the float solution within a couple of seconds but then no fix after half hour. My mode is kinematic. My base station is 8kms away but using vrs technique so i believe its irrelevant anyways and have sent my approximate position to base “single”.

I tried gps only and same result (no fix). I tried connecting to another cor base stn (15km) away and same result. I tried changing from 10hz to 5hz no luck. The float solution did seem very conistent however. I had the advanced settings as default.

I have rebooted the reciever and will try again soon.
Any advice out there?

It seems that everything is working fine. Lack of fixed solution can be something you encounter and you need to find specific settings, suitable for your environment.

Try tinkering with used positioning systems, turning on the dynamics filter.

Thanks Egor will try this! The lattitude and longitude seem as though its fixed (the 7th decimal place is moving plus or minus 1, which i understand represents approximately say 2cms on the ground) but the height value is moving plus or minus 20cms. Do you think this magnitude of uncertainty in the height prevents a “fixed” solution?

Could you please share log files? Rov_ and ref_. If you would like to keep them private you can send a download link via private message.