Single rover solution

hello, I read from a few posts that it’s possible to use a single reach module on the drone if there is CORS base station nearby. To my understanding, the rover should get real-time corrections from the base station for positioning, but unfortunately the OS Net in the UK only provide the static post RINEX data for free. I wonder, if it’s possible to use this data for post processing to achieve higher accuracy? many thanks,

Yes, it is definitely possible. I have used data from OSnet in this tutorial.

Hi Igor, thanks for the link and it looks very interesting. can I confirm that the rover will just record the carrier wave as log and do the post processing with the wave recorded from the CORS? However I am still not clear about some details, suppose if I use this option (because it’s not very easy to guarantee fix status during flight), what status should the rover unit reach, e.g., number of sate and signal strength?