Single result at static for point measurement: perfect

Dear emlid team and others.

I now have very good results if i want to measure the coordinates of some points in short time.

the setup:
1 reach as base: log to file
1 reach as rover: log to file, no connection to base
at each landmark I to start and stop after some short time (1 or more minutes)

Step 2:
process the base with a 30km ntrip base station to get the real coordinate of base for later rtkpost use.

Step 3: This is now very cool!
use rtkpost for each of the logged files in static mode and use the option “single” as output option. This is not the single mode this is the option single to automatically calculate a single coordinate instead of calculating many points.
Maybe you all know this but for me it was a highlight!

for most points i get sub meter accuracy for some i only get less (but i have a complex environment)

So the actual task of Emlid to automatically calculate the base coordinate could be solved with this option.
Also it would be very great to have this option in the reach web view!

with best regards


Any one know if single results are calculated from all observation or only from FIX observation, when Q=1?