Single Point Positioning origin, ublox or RTKLib?


For some reason the following 20 hours UBX file came out corrupted from the Reach, ublox ucenter 8.27 and rtkconv_emlid_b27.exe refuse to read the file, any ideas on why that happened and how to prevent the situation from happening again? Any chance to recover the file?


Many thanks


Issac, I was able to run your file through RTKCONV.

Related to this, the docs mention that a RINEX file can be generated directly by the Reach. What is the setting for that?

Hi Dave,

Damn! you are right, my fault! I did left the RTKconv input file type to “auto” instead of “ublox” that prevented the conversion to RINEX



@dpitman On the logging page in reachview the format for each file is a dropdown box. You can select rinex there.

When you do this the raw logging in ubx continues but when a file is closed it is converted to rinex. If you actively turn logging off this occurs then, this takes some time, but is the safest way. If you just power down the conversion occurs on the next power up and slows down the start up…

@Simon_Allen I found that dropdown earlier today. Starting and stopping logging from within the app seems like good practice, thanks!

Hi Simon,

Thanks for the tip, I did knew this (not the timings but the dropdown menu), due to the header bug (L2 observables not really present in the file) with RINEX v2.xx I prefer to store recordings in UBX and do the conversion afterwards… It´s estrange that RTKlib is not automatically recognising UBX from Emlid (maybe the format is mixed with IMU outputs… or… who knows).

Anyway a happy Reach user here :grinning:


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