Single NEO-6T setup for post processing

I had purchased one U-blox NEO-6T USB dongle that I am trying to set up. What I want to do is capture raw GPS data and post-process it. However, I am not quite sure how to set it up. I am using a RTKLIB on Windows. I tried following these instructions to see if I could receive GPS information However, so far I’ll I’ve seen on RTKNAVI are SNR values. What steps should I follow for setting up just one device without a base station?

You mean no base station at all? Then the only method available for post-processing is PPP.

To log raw data:

  1. Run U-center.
  2. Enable RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB messages from View - Messages View.
  3. Set the rate in View - Configuration View - RATE
  4. Press Record button on the panel.
  5. Stop recording after the necessary period.

To process it in PPP mode use the following tutorial:

Thanks! So far so good. This is definitely more user friendly. I haven’t tried to post processing yet. Do I need to disable everything in Messages View other than RXM-RAW and RXM-SFRB in order to post process it?

Disabling other messages is not necessary, but recommended.

How to disable other messages? A flow chat to demonstrate this would be very useful to amateur users. Thank you.

To disable any message do the following:

  1. Run U-center.
  2. Open View - Messages View.
  3. Right click on a message you want to disable or on a group of messages and select “Disable”

I got Q=5 (single) instead of Q=6 (PPP), is that normal or should I be getting Q=6?

No, that means you are missing some input data (such as precise ephemeris).