Single, Float & Fix?

How does ReachView know when it is "Fix"ed?

I’ve seen it sit on Float for a good while, but it measures exactly after just a minute or so, but doesn’t switch to “Fix” even after 30 minutes or so?

Thank you.

one of the keys to obtain the best accuracy from RTK is to fix the carrier phase ambiguities to integer numbers. Normally, this is done in three steps:[4]

The ambiguities are first fixed to float numbers using standard least-square techniques.
The set of integer ambiguities is set to the one that optimizes the residuals in the surroundings of the float solution.
The carrier measurements are corrected with the integer ambiguities and they are used to obtain the relative position of the rover to the base station.
Of these three steps, the second one is quite complex, because the float ambiguity covariance ellipsoid in the measurement space is extremely elongated. As a consequence, the brute-force search process is inefficient, normally beyond the computational capabilities of the rover equipment.

And explained in a simpler way


The “simpler way” DEFINITELY helped! Thank you!

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