Single copter with Navio 2 - possible?

Hi to all!

I’m rather new in building flying drones, but i like raspberry very much. I need to build the flying drone for some researches, and I’m interrested in building exactly singlecopter archetecture of it. There are 2 main variations of them, as i’ve found : CoaxCopter, SingleCopter. Link:single copters

The first has two counter rotating central propellers, and the second is with one prop. The first is much more stable as people suggest, and I’m serching is it possible to build singecopter or coaxcopter with raspberry 2 + navio 2 , or should I search for other options, like simple arduino or arducopter boards… and just plant raspberry as excess weight ?

Main goal, for what I want Raspberry + Navio, is one microcomputer with linux, and single board controll for all. Help me please! If it is possible, I’ll buy it immediatelly!


Navio2 runs APM autopilot (which you have provided a link for) so it should be able to control SingleCopter or CoaxCopter. But as the warning says these types of vehicles are rarely tested and we never tested them too.

You can build the firmware for these vehicles for Navio2 from sources.

To build SingleCopter use:
make navio2-single

To build CoaxCopter use:
make navio2-coax