Single band base and dual band rover - a budget setup?

As far as I have understood, the base is supplying correction data to rover based on measuring carrier phase. So one could combine single and dual band GNSS systems - as the benefits from dual band are clear in “difficult” environment - such as moving drone.

And on the other hand “long” survey time in single band stationary base is hardly the biggest problem (and could be suppressed with the use of “best” possible antenna and location…)

What did I miss here? Or is the above accurate…

I use the expression you are only as strong as your weakest link.

Just use the M2 as a base and RS2 as a rover/base combo. It doesn’t get any cheaper than that


These benefits can only be realised using a dual frequency base as well.

Also, the RS2 requires and expects a dual frequency correction signal to provide a fix-solution


Hi Heikki,

Christian is right - a multi-band rover won’t calculate the Fix solution with only single-band base corrections. Still, both Reach M+ and Reach M2 installed on a drone can provide centimeter-level accuracy if the antenna is well-placed. To see if a pair of single-band or multi-band receivers is the best fit for your setup, you can also check our Single-band VS Multi-band guide.

Thank you all for the info!

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