Simplisafe mode on rc7_option

I set up simplisafe on rc7_option and assigned channel 7 in my transmitter.
Is there anyway on any of the GCS to confirm that simplisafe mode is being enabled/disabled?

Hi John,

ArduPilot supports Simple and Super Simple mode. You can set one of these modes in the Mission Planner. As I’ve checked, you need to assign the mode to a channel mapped to a 2-position switch to support the selection of the mode. The high position enables the selected mode. The low position disables it. For more details, I’d suggest checking out the following guide in ArduPilot documentation.

Thank you for your reply. I know how to perform the setup. What I am asking is: Is there any way to confirm that the setup is working, short of actually flying the aircraft?

Hi John,

I’ve not tried this myself, so I can hardly tell whether it’s possible to do so. However, I presume someone from our experienced users that worked with this configuration might suggest something that will work out.

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