Simple Go to Navio 2

Hello friends,I want to use simple goto code from dronekit github to run on my navio.I can send simple goto my missionplaner but I can not send to my can I send thanks a lot

Hi @earas48,

Could you please clarify on which step do you encounter an issue?

Firstly I run these raws on cmd
dronekit-sitl copter --master tcp: --out udp: --out udp:

and then I connect Mission planer then I run my script.I use this connecting code in my script
vehicle = connect(‘udp:’)

But I can not see any movement on my navio but mission planer run
Should I enter the navio 2 ip address in the connection code above?(udp:
Thank you for attention

Hi @earas48,

Sorry for the delay!

Could you please clarify which command do you use to run ArduPilot on Navio2? I’m not sure I understand that correctly.

It should be possible to run dronekit using either localhost ( or RPi IP address.

Thanks a lot.I solved this problem utilizing