SIM card rs2+ unable to update

I’ve been trying to work through how to enable the rs2+ I am using as a permanent base mounted on a building which has a sim card from Telus it is working fine for sending corrections and all functionality to do the work but it is not recognizing the latest updates and displays that the unit is current yet our other rs is three versions ahead
Has anyone found a solution before I have to pull it down and take to our office and remove the SIM card

Im thinking updates are only performed via wifi


Hi @jamieta1,

To update the unit’s firmware using a SIM card, you should turn on the Allow updates using mobile data option on the Mobile data tab of Emlid Flow. As an alternative, you can connect your Reach RS2+ to the Internet via your phone’s mobile hotspot, and after that, it should see the available firmware updates.


Will head towards the base and give that a try today to see if the setting is right

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