SIM card placement?

To use both ntrip and have access to internet what’s the best place to put the sim-card?

Is there a difference?

It is more of a matter of taste imho. If you have only one sim card I would put it into the RS2 and enable ‘share mobile data from Reach in hotspot mode’
This way, you need to connect your mobile device to the WLAN hotspot of your RS2 which is slighly easier than the other way around because I usually forget to enable hotspot mode on my mobile to allow RS2 to connect to it on boot. But you will only have 3g network. If your sim/provider supports 4g or 5g it might be better to put it into our mobile device if you plan to do heavy data transfers during measurings.


Hi there,

Roland said the right thing about 4G and 5G. Reach indeed supports 2G and 3G only. It’s enough for NTRIP, but if you want to use the Internet on your phone simultaneously, it’s better to put the SIM card into your phone.

We use a sim card in our controller with a little reminder


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