SIM card issue

Hi there,

I am trying to setup my RS2 for NTRIP with my SIMcard. Firmware is 2.20.8.

RS recognizes the SIMcard and shows a connection (2 bars) but I cannot turn on the mobile data button. It is greyed out. I checked the APN twice and it should be the correct one.

I found another thread where people reported the same problem but no solution was offered…

What do you think can the problem be?

Many thanks


Turns out that the SIMcard provider does not know its own API… At least not the people from the service department. I checked the API in my mobile phone (Iphone: Mobile Data - Mobile Network) and used this one. In the case of AldiTalk from Germany, the APN is “internet”…

Now it is working…

Another hint I got from the retailer: switch off hotspot mode and roaming before turning on mobile data (in ReachView)


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