SIM card for Verizon network

So, I contacted Verizon to activate a sim card in my RS2 unit. They said it wasn’t compatible. What do I need to do to get this to work? Verizon is the only carrier here that has decent coverage. I have the latest reachview firmware. This was a verizon 4g nano sim card. Please help!

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Reach RS2 features a power-efficient 3.5G HSPA modem with 2G fallback and global coverage. Now corrections can be accessed or broadcasted over NTRIP independently, without relying on an Internet connection on your phone.

Thank you! I have to use a state-wide CORS system (I do not have my own NTRIP caster). How do I access this CORS system without an internet connection. Sorry, if there is something I’m missing please inform me. Thank you!

If you’re here in the USA, sometimes the service is free. Here in SC, we pay a fee of $600/year. Other states may be lower or higher. You can contact either a GNSS dealer or your state geodetic agency.

Try to activate SIM card in other device, eg. phone or tablet, and after put it in RS2.

Probably you will be needed to enter APN in Reach View (I was). APN settings should be provided on operater web site or contact them for that info.

It worked for me!

My cell provider had APN settings something like this
Access: internet
Username: some username
Password: some password

In the Reach View, there is only 1 field,and that is APN. I typed internet there and it work.

Anyway, having internet shared to RS2 works better for me than placing sim in RS2. Depends on your workflow.

I would rather the data collector have service or at least have a separate hotspot that could be used by other devices. Dedicating a line of data to a one-purpose device like this that can’t share it is a waste. Personally I have a hotspot that provides to the RS2 and the data collector and can be networked through.

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VZW does not work in the RS2 as it will only work on GSM cellular systems (ATT or TMobile). You other option, which is what I did, is to buy a VZW portable hotspot and connect the RS2 via WiFi to the hotspot. Then it will connect the the ntrip account.

I also have SIM instaled in old android phone and use it as a hotspot or use hotspot on my personal phone with internet subscription. It is better becouse most of the phones have 4G modem, and you can connect to 4G/3G/2G network and you cannot conect to 4G with RS2 as it uses 3G modem.
I had a situation where there was not 3G coverage on part of my wotksite but I had 4G signal on my phone…


Hi Ryan,

Reach RS2 only works with 2G, 3G, and 3.5G. Any chance this SIM card may handle one of these frequencies?

As Mario has mentioned, it’d be helpful to check if the APN is required for your SIM card.

To work with CORS, Reach RS2 needs to be provided with an Internet connection. You can configure Reach RS2 to work with any other available Wi-Fi networks, like your mobile phone’s hotspot.

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This is an interesting I assumed an RS2 internal SIM card sharing it’s hotspot for other devices is the preferred set up (one less thing to keep charged). An external hotspot like you describe might be cheaper and more versatile.
I finally got a working sim now. It’s T-Mobile prepaid and $10 for the sim card then $10 for 2gb per month. It’s month to month but if I lapse more than 90 days i have to buy a new $10 sim.

Exactly. My hotspot runs my iPad, laptop, Yuneec RC, DJI RC, survey data collector and the RS2.

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I run hotspot on my phone feeding both my Android tablet and RS2. Works great for me and one less cell phone bill to pay. Verizon gets enough out of me each month the way it is.

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