SIM card credentials

hola antes de la actualizacion podia conectar ntrip con sim card, ahora me pide usuario y contraseña. Ya revise y todos lados dice que se deja en vacío, pero si lo dejo en vacío el sistema no lo permite. Que hago?

I never had problems with the SIM, in the previous versions and in the current one. Congratulations

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Hi Ivan,

Great to see you on our forum!

You don’t have to use the additional SIM card authentication in the app. This setting is necessary only when your SIM card supports M2M technology. If it doesn’t, you can continue working as before.

In case something is not going as you expect, please, share the screen recording with us. File transfer sites can help you with it (for example, WeTransfer). Taking a look at Full System Report will give us a wider perspective on the unit’s settings as well. It’s better to share it via, though, to keep all your sensitive data protected.

Also, even though we have a strong Spanish-speaking community here on the forum, it’s usually nicer to write in English. This way, more people can understand you and help you faster. You can take advantage of that.


Always a pleasure to hear from you! I’m glad the mobile data shows the correct behavior.

By the way, great profile name :slight_smile:

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Polina !! I’m glad you like my profile name ha ha just using the correct APN from the cell phone provider and enable roaming. Do not change any parameters in the different versions of rechview. Even if I don’t write, I’m always around.! :wink:


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