Sik radio does not allow GPS locks

Hi everyone, I am trying to use sik radio with navio2 and raspberry pi to communicate with my quadcopter from a control station but it somehow interferes with the GPS signal. What can I do to avoid this interference? already try to locate the radio sik as far as possible from the GPS without any improvement

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GPS is easy to jam.

I have a 433 mhz Sik radio (3DR). I have a two GPS setup with my Navio2. Emlid GPS antenna is on the frame, second M8N is on a mast.I have a better reception (average 18 versus 15) with the 2nd GPS, but I have no spare mast to move the Emlid antenna.

Telemetry antenna is pointing downward.



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Does any effect use aluminum foil as a barrier?

GPS ground plane could do the work. Do not forget to “ground” the GPS antenna to it.


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As @mlebret said correctly, you should use groundplane to avoid interference. You can find all the recommendations by following this link.


do not note improve with the shield what I did was reduce the power of the radio sik

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And it helped?

Yes, I get it

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