SIK Radio Connection Problems

My motors have finally turned up, but before I connected them I’ve been trying to get the SiK radios connected

I have solid green lights on both radios but still not able to connect

do I need to turn something “on” on the navio2 to recognise the radio?

depending on how you connected your sik radio to navio
start ArduCopter with -C switch for secondary telemetry as the following:
-C /dev/ttyUSB0 for USB or
-C /dev/ttyAMA0 for UART connection!

thanks, panky I will try that now as I have it connected to the UART not USB

i started arducopter with “sudo ArduCopter-quad -C”

and it said raspberry Pi 2/3 with BCM2709! Unknown Option ‘?’

“sudo ArduCopter-quad -C /dev/ttyAMA0”

holy-moley its connected thank you, im soooooooooo nervous