Sigro Pilot: Android Parallel driving app + Reach RTK beta test

We believe that Reach has great potential to be used in precision agriculture and recently we have partnered with Sigro Pilot to deliver a solution for parallel driving. Today we are offering the app for a beta test. We encourage everyone to try the app with Reach RTK and let us know about your experience. It can be connected to Reach over Bluetooth, Serial or TCP.

Sigro Pilot is available with 14 day trial, you can also PM me for a serial number if you would like to evaluate it for a longer period.

Android .apk file
sigro_3.17.13.apk (4.9 MB)

Quickstart guide
SIGRO Quick start guide.pdf (2.2 MB)

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Hi Igor,
I’m working on Precision Agriculture area, I’m looking for a simply integration of reach RTK on Comercial Farming Autoguidance. Many farmers said that Smart AG by Novatel (measurament position data 10 Hz) is a good solution for low error in tractor direction + GNSS conection. What is your experience about reach on agriculture? Would be the key to connect a base station to GNSS administration network + rover conected to base station?
Some farmers talk no so good about Tallysman TW2400. It’s so importart the less GPS error on Sprinklers irrigation fields
I would like to test Sigro Pilot app for extended period and share results :slight_smile:


Hi! I am using reach for agriculture Autosteer with cerea. It’s a windows software.

GPS& glo at 5 hz works good till 8-10 km/h with Autosteer. For higher speed 10 hz is recommended.

Sigro works also fine at me.


Thanks Andreas for your opinion, yeap i want to test with Cerea.
are you working With reach connected to GNSS network, or you have a RTK base station with another Reach? Is your error less than 2 cm?


I use 2 reach units. Base is connected to internet. At rover I work with mobile internet modem.
I have also two rfd868 radio modem. At the moment I am waiting for better antennas because with standard I have to less coverage.

Base or ntrip shall about 10 km nearby.

For my reach I did by tw3710 antennas. I did get good results with this setup. Fix and float are ±2cm. I hope with new software from emlid (soon) the fix would be more stable…

Hi, I loved that UI, i am developing a similar project, i have developed, and now we are moving our system to an app and integrating reach actually developing kml guidance for contour lines and curve guidance.


Is this app still being developed and or supported to your knowledge?

I’ve installed it on an Android tablet here, but its giving me an “error connecting to server” either in demo or trial mode.


I too would like to know the status of this app


@esa.attia @DirtyHarry

Yes the app is being developed and updated.
In case you are interested please email to to get latest version for free!

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Sigro Team

Translated text.

I would suggest deploying an tool for the app, in which the user could use an arduino board (or similar) to control the motor of an auto-steer system. This tool could either control the engine by some arduino port, or otherwise simpler, allowing the user to display in a customizable way, on the navigation screen two luminous "signals" on which the user would install LDR sensors to control the motors , so that the operation would be similar to the operation of a line follower robot. if you have interest I can try to explain better and hopefully have contributed in some way to the development of the application.

Alisson Guedes.

Original text in Portuguese-BR.

Gostaria de sugerir a implantação de uma ferramenta no aplicativo, na qual o usuário pudesse utilizar uma placa arduino (ou similar) para controlar o motor de um sistema de piloto automático. Tal ferramenta poderia ou controlar o motor por alguma porta do arduino, ou de outra forma mais simples ainda, permitindo ao usuário exibir de forma personalizável, na tela de navegação dois "sinais" luminosos sobre os quais o usuário instalaria sensores LDR para controlar os motores, de modo que o funcionamento seria semelhante ao funcionamento de um robô seguidor de linha. caso vocês tenham interesse posso tentar explicar melhor e espero ter contribuído de alguma forma para o desenvolvimento do aplicativo.

Alisson Guedes.

Hi everyone,
Maybe someone is interested in a DIY for autosteer with reach, it includes autosteer in turns


Good Morning. For days I try to send an email to test the application but I don’t know. Application has an error when starting. I need to test it to buy it.