Signal Pins Producing 0.5V, Damaged Component?

I am currently using a Navio2 with a raspberry pi 3 Model B to control an RC car and a few extra servos, a headlight, an FPV camera and a 12V DC solenoid and 12V DC pump (both through ‘Arduino Compatible 24V 5A MOS Driver Modules’). I was powering the Navio2 with the high voltage power module until it was short circuited, which resulted in the power module not working and the ground lines throughout my circuit being damaged. After fixing the damaged lines I am now powering the Navio2 with 5V through the channel pins, however the signal pins are now only outputting ~0.5V instead of 3.3V. The signal pin voltage also seems to vary between 0.4V and 0.6V as I change the desired PWM output from 1.0 - 2.0. I believe a component on the Navio2 may have been damaged and was wondering which one I should replace?

Thanks for any help.


It sound like some parts of the Navio2 power circuitry have been damaged. Are you able to visually identify which part has burned?

Hey Igor,
Thanks for your reply, I can’t see any burnt components myself, I’ve attached photos so you can have a look.

It is really hard to say which part is damaged without the visual marks. It may be both power circuitry and microcontroller. I suggest to get a new Navio board to avoid unpredictable behavior.