Signal Delay Discrepancy Investigation in Mapping Module Testing

Hi Everyone,

We are currently conducting signal delay testing on the mapping module in our lab. To facilitate this, we’ve established a hardware interface. In this setup, we’ve generated a PWM signal from the microcontroller to trigger the camera, and then we’ve detected the trigger feedback (hotshoe signal) as an interrupt.

Based on our experimental observations, we’ve determined that the time difference between sending the PWM signal and receiving the feedback signal is 0.183 seconds. Additionally, Pixhawk is indicating a delay of 0.2 seconds, but according to Emlid, the delay is 0.379 seconds.

we want to understand why Emlid exhibits this higher delay. We appreciate your insights on this phenomenon."

Hi @marcopolovvd,

What Is the setup you’re using? Can you share a photo?

How did you obtain all three delays? What experimental observation have you used?

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