Showing No Satellites in Reach RS2

I have had my rs2 for a few months not and it worked flawlessly until two days ago. I noticed that Im getting no data when trying to gather rinex data. I downloaded reach firmware flash last night thinking that would help but I still have a constant “no solution” showing 0 satellites in my reachview app.

Hello Gregory,
Try to let it for an hour in open sky.

this does not seem to be the solution. I should be seeing at least a few satellites as soon as it turns on. In fact normally I get some satellites when sitting indoors.

I understand but sometimes it takes a long time when receivers don’t work for a few months or they are flashed.

Thank you for your suggestion and I hear what you are saying. In my case things don’t add up. I use my rs2 on a weekly bases and all firmware was up to date. so it was odd for it to not work in the first place.

I decided to open it up. Turns out the ceramic GNSS unit is sheared from the PCB board!

Hi Gregory,

I see that you’ve already contacted us via and sent some additional details regarding the issue. Let’s continue our conversation there not to mix things up.