Shorten Cable of GPS Antenna

Hello Guys,

i was trying to find a Active GPS Antenna with u.fl connector for 3 hours, but im only able to find Antennas with a cable Length of 3 Meters or more. For a small Plane this weight is not useful and even makes flying harder. But because i have to place the NAVIO inside the Plane, i have to use a GPS Antenna.

Can u suggest me a GPS Antenna with a cable length of circa 50cm?
Has somebody shortened the Cable of a GPS Antenna by either cutting the cable and soldering it together afterwards?
Or by Crimping a new Connector to the cut cable?

Thanks for your advice.

You can cut and solder yourself. But it’s not your typical soldering. It’s got an insulated signal wire in the middle, surrounded by a ground wire. When you strip off the wire, you have to make sure you do not cut through the signal wire insulation. It’s not too difficult. Try it :smiley:

Thanks for your Answer, im gonna try it right now and ill see if it works.

Tallysman will manufacture antennas with custom cable lengths and connectors at no extra charge