Shipping to South Africa

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What shipping methods are used when shipping to South Africa,

Can I request Emlid to Ship via DHL?

@Barry_Bolton good day to you! Shipping methods are displayed when you click on “Calculate Shipping” in the cart.

We have the following shipping methods available for South Africa:

  • Hongkong Post Int’l Registered Mail
  • Hongkong Post Speedpost
  • DHL Express Worldwide

@Barry_Bolton, hello fellow Saffa! I use Aramex Global Shopper as a forwarding agent when dealing with Emlid. AGS gives you an forwarding address in Hong Kong so you can send it cheaper than DHL. Often Aramex has smoother customs results than DHL at Joberg.

Hey Luke Hoesit.:slight_smile:

Yea I will look in to that forsure, I really do not want to deal with The Postal system at JHB. If I may ask what does it cost you to import? Bought my Pi 3 today so can not wait to import this board.

Question, So when it gets to the Hong Kong address then what. How does it get here?

Lekker Barry!

It depends regarding the cost. Sometimes (especially at xmas time) we dont get charged duties when coming in with Aramex. But work on 14% VAT. We are not supposed to be charged for duties on electronics, but sometimes they do and you have to cough up up to 15% extra. They always take the shipping charges into it as total, no matter how you argue it!

AGS is great, have a look at the link. You get a whack of address all over the world. You then get it shipped to that address and they forward it to your address in SA. Often is very quick. I’ve had stuff from New York arrive to Durbs in 3 days even with customs clearance. And its Cheap! Postage for a Navio will be R130 from Hong Kong to your door!

Thank you Luke.

Tell me which product did you order from Emlid?

I’ve only every bought Reach. Soon to be a proud owner of one of the very first beta Reach RS units. Should be here next of next week.

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And did you get your Reach?

Hi Barry

Yes, we got them and have been testing them out. Thus far it we are very impressed and at the potential development. We well recommend them even at this stage for collecting ground control and as a base for PPK work. The LoRa radios for RTK work brilliantly.

Great now to go Rob the bank and order some hardware. Had a look at your website and I have to say great work :slight_smile:

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OK so took the plunge and ordered Via Aramex. Now the wait for my Navio2. Hoe long does it take to get to SA normally? And how do they deliver in South Africa?

Good morning Luke.

Just want to thank you for advising me with regards to ARAMEX. They really are quite good :slight_smile:

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