Shipping courier

shipping courier i need DHL or UPS

Good lord, shipping cost is all over the place and the taxes/ duties are attrocious for the higher cost items.

Try adding just (2) RS2’s and look at the extra cost to USA! : /

I guess it depends where it’s going as UPS was available:

  • UPS Worldwide Express Plus® (3-4 working days) No additional taxes to be paid at delivery:$138.06
  • Aramex - Parcel EPX (6-9 working days) No additional taxes to be paid at delivery:$28.95

DHL didn’t come up, as they are usually reasonable. FedEx didn’t come up either, but usually costlier.

Maybe Seems they charge more for some items?

Are you only going to get the module? It needs an Antenna and Cable as well.

If you are trying to use the M+ antenna on an M2 you will only pick up the L1 band

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