Shapefile Import

I have managed to import dixf but the zipped shapefiles aren’t being imported. Message is can’t import file

How did you create the SHP? Not all programs are created equally.


Hi Petros,

Please check that all files in the archive have the same name and that the shapefile contains only points. If everything meets the requirements, but you can’t import it, please share this file with us. It’d be interesting to figure out what the difficulty is.

You can send the file to us at if it’s more convenient for you.

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The shapefiles were created with QGIS 3.20 @ Lambert

There are 3 files in the folder named: sdp.shp sdp.shx sdp.dbf

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Thanks for your quick response, Petros.

We’re already looking into it. I’ll keep you posted and reply when I find out what might be the cause.

Hi Petros,

I came back to you with info from our devs. To import the Shapefile in ReachView 3, it must contain the “name” field. Also, the ZIP file shouldn’t have a subdirectory. If you check it out, please write about the results. It’s important for us to know that everything is working for you now.

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Thanks for solution.

I knew the CSV file does not import when the field names are not the same as those for RV3, but never thought the same thing would happen to shapfiles.

Ii wonder if the fields for points are not limited to id and name in shapfiles.

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We are always glad to help you :slightly_smiling_face:.

No, you can also add any other fields. Only the “name” is required to import in ReachView 3. The id field is also optional.

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Hi Petros,

After a while, I came back with an update for you. We reworked the Shapefile import a bit. Now you don’t need to have the ‘name’ field. If your file has this field, the point will be named according to it. If not, it’ll also work fine. I believe this change can make importing files easier and help our customers avoid a similar issue.

However, note, files in the archive should still be in a root with no additional folder.