Several trigger canon dslr


I have been using emlid reach for several months for triggering.
No problem for one canon camera eos.
Now I would like to trigger several cameras. I cable serial system.
I have very different behaviors, one camera is triggered and not the other, sometimes all functioning, sometimes it is necessary to respect an order to start reach, camera…
So, I think I do not use the system properly.

My question :

what connection must be made to trigger several eos canons with the emlid reach? (3 cameras)
Do i need electronics components?

thanks in advance for your help


Unfortunately, this is an electric limitation of the hardware(both Reach and cameras). If you want to connect multiple cameras to the same pin, you need to make sure Reach is started first and it still won’t guarantee everything works fine every time.

This kind of integration will require a special hardware extension or a custom software script.


Thanks for your reply,
If i use navio, will be the same situation?

When you talk about script or hardware do you have any idea or advice?




I fund explaination that show to add electic resistor and a power banck of 3v

Do you think it is a good way?


Yep, that’s what I was going to propose. It should also work if you connect all the resistors to only one pin on the Reach, but you’ll have to check this.

Hello @egor.fedorov

Everything is good with one electic resistor and transitor to control several dslr !

Another question, i use emlid reach to trigger my dslr in car, but having regular photo by distance is much better, that’s why, is it possible to use reach or having this option to trigger my dslr by distance in meter instead in seconde?

thanks a lot

Thanks for you help

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