Setup Topcon Net-G5 with Emlid Caster

I am working on a site that is using a Topcon Net-G5 as a base station, broadcasting over radio (LORA). I understand that i cant connect to this with the RS2. I have read that teh net-G5 has a sim slot for NTRIP. Is anybody familiar with how to set it up through TRU to work with Emlid Caster?


Hi Kieran,

I can hardly tell you anything about TRU since it’s Topcon’s utility. From what I’ve seen in the link you’ve sent, its functionality looks like the Caster’s one. But Emlid Caster is compatible with third-party devices, you just need to connect Topcon to the Internet via a SIM card. You can check our guide describing how to establish a connection with Caster.

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