Setup of Reach as second GPS

Hi guys,

I am currently using a Reach RS as base and Reach connected to my Navio2 via UART. They are all running the latest stable versions of their respective softwares.

I work from a Mac so I can’t use MissionPlanner to inject RTK corrections in telemetry for now. I think I could use Mavproxy for that, but for the moment, I’m connecting the Reach directly to the Reach RS base.

I am having a little issue with my setup however in QGroundControl as I followed the Ardupilot Integration tutorial.

QGroundControl keeps giving me errors “GPS 2: Not found” and will not allow me to arm my copter.

Has anyone come accross this issue?


Can you please post screenshots of your settings in ReachView (position output), Navio2 (connection settings) and QGC(GPS type2 and baudrate)?

Hi Alexey,

Here are the screenshots you asked and the APM configuration.

When I connect the Reach RS (base) to the Reach on the rover, I can see obs()'s counting so I imagine that connection is working properly and the corrections are being exchanged.

Apart from connecting the Reach directly to the base, I configured everything in QGC (and checked many times over ) exactly as shown in the tutorial.

When I try to arm the system in any GPS-required mode I get the error that GPS 2: was not found.

I’m going a bit crazy now and don’t know where to go from here.

QGroundControl does not recognize USB-to-PC connection to Reach RS, does it? I tried to use MAVProxy to inject the RTCM corrections into the telemetry link but it’s not working either.

Can you help me figure this out? Thanks!

Please change -E /dev/tty/AMA0 to -E /dev/ttyAMA0 (without extra /) in config file.

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Oh no!!! Gee … rook mistake.

Thanks so much @alexey.bulatov

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