Setup for Reach with Pixhawk

Sorry if this is obvious but I am just trying to setup my reach for use with a 3DR Pixhawk.

The instructions say
"Base stations is a Reach unit in Wi-Fi AP mode, configured as a TCP server"
But I could find no information on how to achieve this!

The Base is currently connected to my home network and it will send corrections to the rover via that network. The issue, of course, is I will not be able to connect to this network once I deploy this platform in the field. I am assuming the reach can provide its own wifi hotspot but it is not clear to me how I get to that from where I am now. I read another recent message where you suggest the reach will just boot its own hotspot when not in connection with a familiar network - can I force it to do this while I set things up at home?

Any pointers would be welcome.



Yes, that’s correct.

At the moment, only by shutting down your home network or changing it’s parameters. Sorry for the inconvenience. However, since Reach remembers the settings, you can set it up at home, then connect your GCS laptop to a Reach hotspot.

OK. That’s a little disappointing as I do not have an option to shut down my home network (there are too many things that require continuous access). It is a little clumsy to have to go out of network range (and very inconvenient as it is virtually always raining here in the UK) but I guess that is what I will have to do. Hopefully this will fixed in later software?

What about a desktop Faraday cage then? Maybe a little tinfoil house to put Reach in while it boots! (or just a chunk of metal placed over top of the wifi antenna)

Sounds like a plan :slight_smile: Thanks

Sorry about this inconvenience. This feature is planned and will be added with a large update coming to ReachView.

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Please report back on the outcome! :-1::+1: