Setting up Reach Caster

Good day all,
I am desirous of creating a permanent base station using an M2 receiver and caster.
Can I place the M2 antenna on the roof of my office and the receiver indoors? If so, what would be the longest recommended distance from receiver to antenna (I’m thinking 60 m/200’)?
Would the signal be able to travel that distance without interference?
Also where could I get a cable for such a setup?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Yes M2 makes a great base station, Its my current setup.

Try to keep the Antenna cable short as possible, I use 20’ and that is probably pushing it a bit with the active antenna with a small driver.

This is a good excuse to extend your wifi network coverage and just send the data over the long distance.

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Hi Adrian,

Yep, Reach M2 as a permanent base station should work just fine. And as @PotatoFarmer, I’d also recommend using the antenna cable as short as possible.

In our store, we provide a 2m extension cable for such integration. In general, approximately up to 10m cables should be acceptable as well. However, we haven’t taken tests with such cables. So I can hardly share any details about the signal distortion in this case.

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Thank you Julia & PotatoFarmer both for your replies.
I was hoping to keep the M2 indoors esp for security, but I suppose I will have to get a weatherproof housing and let it remain outdoors.

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