Setting up my coordinate system

I’m having issues processing my data in correlator3d. It sounds like an issue with my coordination settings. Support is telling me it’s my settings for the projection. I don’t know how to change this in my reach 3 app and I also don’t know what it should be set to.

Any help would be great!

C3D as in Simactive? Are you having trouble with bringing in control points/GCP’s?

Correct. C3D
I can import my .las on its own. But when I go through their process of importing the l1 images then importing the .las from dji terra, c3d zooms oit to 200km and does not add my DEM onto the location or anyplace for that matter. Support says it’s a projection error in my settings with the rs2. I don’t know where to go to try and solve this.

Zooming out with invisible data is a pretty common symptom when you’re trying to merge data that is in geographic coordinates (limits: 0-90,0-180) into a project that uses a projected system like UTM (limits: 0-9320000,166000-830000) and vice versa. The data is so close to 0,0 in the projected system that it’s miniscule and far away from the true location. When the app does a zoom all, what you describe happens.

Have you tried reprojecting the data before importing it?

I’m learning all of this as i go and don’t understand a lot. I’m not sure how i would reproject the data or make the needed settings changes.

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