Setting up IMU


For my project, I am going to use the accelerometer, gyroscope and mangetometer of the mpu 9250 of my Navio2.
I don’t have a lot of experience with these sensors, so I was wondering if there are any essential steps (like calibration) that need to be done before I can use the sensors of the IMU.

Thanks in advance!

Yes, there is a whole procedure for setting up and calibrating the IMU’s.

I’d suggest that you read the docs section for the Navio+ and Navio2 as a starting point then also do some homework on RTIMULib

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Thanks for the reply Gary!

I’ve looked into the docs and RTIMULib and it looks promising.
What I don’t understand is that to calibrate the IMU, RTIMULib uses a graphical user interface, but the Navio2 OS image has no graphical user interface.
Is it still possible to use this program on the raspberry pi with headless linux, or do I have to run it on my laptop?

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