Setting up base station - corrections messages


I’m currently running version 2.10.3 Dev.

I have 2 Reach RS modules.

Currently, I am only using 1 module and getting corrections from an NTRIP server and that has been working fine.

My rover is setup to look for the following GPS msg types

I am based in Sydney Australia.

I would like to setup my second Reach RS unit to act as a base station as I will be going to sites where there is no NTRIP server to connect to. How do I setup my second Reach to act as a Base station ?
I’ve read the documentation but still am not sure which boxes to tick for the RTCM3 messages. Here is my current setup

I plan on using these units in Fiji and Samoa. How will the above two setting change when I travel there?

Also here is my Lora connection setup. I will not be going very far. the furthest my rover will go will be about 100m which is why I set the radio to the highest baud rate.

This part in the Doc section should get you going

Just be careful, the picture in the docs shows 10Hz for 1006 ARP station coordinates, which I believe is an error (@emlid). I suggest it be set as low as possible at 0.1Hz to save bandwidth.


Hi ,

What is not clear in the documentation is if the

GLONASS L1 observation msg (1010) is needed since I have it turned off as I’m using Beido instead.

do I turn on msg 1107 SBAS and 1117 QZSS (see my screenshot of my setting above) ?
My rover current has GPS , Beido , SBAS and QZSS enabled

You do not need 1010 msg (L1 Glonass) if you dont use it on the rover. And do not use glonass and beidou together.
Othe then that, you can turn on the same systems you use on the rover.
If working on long rang LoRa, i would start of with only Gps (1002 and 1006) and enable more system to see how well it works.
Enabling more messages or higher rates requires higher connection bandwidth = shorter range/baseline.
So, fewer messages with higher power and low bandwith= longer range/baseline

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Thanks @TB_RTK

Will enabling other msgs like msg 1107 SBAS and 1117 QZSS improve time to fix time or accuracy at the cost of higher bandwidth/shorter range?

Yes, it should. Unless they introduce noise or multipath to your system.You could visually see some of this in the status window

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