Setting up a coordinate system for Italy


I’ve been trying to scratch my head around this problem, and I was wondering If someone can give me some hint on how to solve it

If you look at this page

Coordinate system support for Italy is not already available

But I know that a lot of people already started to use Emlid devices in Italy. So I was wondering… how do you solve this problem?

If you want to use ReachView in Italy, you can set up a Coordinate System using the ETRS89 - UTM projection merged 32 North reference system
There is also a very useful Reach RS2 Configuration Guide to manage a connection to the SPIN3 GNSS network via NTRIP system

The problem is that, as far as I understand, ReachView3 at the moment does not support ITALGEO 2005 to properly convert the heights directly from ellipsoidal to orthometric

I wad told that I can use any vertical reference system based on the EGM2008 geoid, but this way you would not be able to use the ETRS89 - UTM model, so how do you proceed when you work in Italy?

How do you properly Set up a Coordinate System in ReachView3?

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Marco Lorenzin

Hi Marco,

Could you please elaborate on what coordinate system you’re willing to work with? It’d be great if you could specify the EPSG code for it as well as the desired vertical datum.

Hi Polina

I would use the SPIN3 GNSS network via NTRIP correction, and they suggested me to use this coordinte system:
ETRS89 - UTM projection merged 32 North

And ideally the vertical corrections for Italy should be done using the ITALGEO 2005 geoid

Hi Marco,

ReachView 3 doesn’t support ITALGEO 2005 now. However, we’re working on adding the Italian coordinate systems and vertical datums.

Regarding the coordinate system, you can already work in ETRS89 / UTM zone 32N (EPSG:25832). You can choose it in the ReachView 3 app while creating a project. Please note that your base or NTRIP should be in ETRS89.

Hi Polina

thank you for your answer
I hope you will be able tu support ITALGEO 2005 in the not too distant future
But in the meantime, in case anyone is interested, the Spin3 support confirmed me that we can use ETRS89 + EGM2008, without making mistakes from the point of view of consistency between the corrections provided by the SPIN network and the geodetic systems


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