Setting Up a Base for relative not absolute survey points

If I want to collect accurate relative RTK (not Absolute) survey points using LoRa do I need to enter the Antenna height in the “Manual” section of the “Base Coordinates” section each time I set up the Base, as I do for absolute RTK base setup over a known survey marker?

Are you trying to maintain relativity across multiple days or just on a day to day basis?

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Hi @RTK_Hunter, only ever day to day work and usually multiple sites in various locations each day, so setup, survey, pack up, move to a different location, repeat.

The base coordinate is not important for a purely relative survey.

But the base coordinate does need to be ‘close’ to reality for the RTK engine to work properly. e.g. if you use a base coordinate of 0,0,0 then you will have trouble getting a fix. So it is a good idea to at least do an average of single position for the base coordinate.


Yes do this and forget about manually entering base height. Write down what your averaged base position is calculated as just in case…

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