Setting Known Base Location Coordinates

I want to set the base for a Reach RS on a known survey point. The manual states for Manual base location "Manual¶: In this mode you supply an a priori known coordinate by locating the unit above surveyed point. Coordinate has to be supplied in ECEF XYZ or in WGS84 Latitude and Longitude and WGS84 ellipsoid height.

So if in the USA I use an NGS bench mark, the data sheet gives position in NAD88 (L,L) and NAVD88 (elevation) which I am used to and also geoid values for X, Y Z:

GEOID HEIGHT - -26.701 (meters) GEOID12B
AH0147 NAD 83(2011) X - -713,664.139 (meters) COMP
AH0147 NAD 83(2011) Y - -5,595,005.353 (meters) COMP
AH0147 NAD 83(2011) Z - 2,967,765.866 (meters) COMP

I don;t think (although I may be wrong) that these X, Y Z coordinates are the same as ECEF X, Y and Z as the NGS data sheet refers to GEOID12B as the reference.

Any help on this?


The coords you have are in an earth centred frame
ECEF and they are XY&Z.
So you should be able to use them
Because NAD83(2011) and WGS84 are within 1m of each other you will see a slight shift from using the average WGS84 position.
But by using the NAD83 values your results will be tied in to that framework

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