Setting Disarm PWM value


I am running a quadcopter with reversible ESC’s and motors on a Navio2+Rpi3.
When I disarm the signal sent out is the minimum pwm value: 1100

Unfortunately, the way reversible ESC’s are calibrated, no spinning occurs at the intermediate pwm value: 1500
A pwm value of 1100 causes fully reversed function, obviously unacceptable for disabled motors.
A pwm value of 0 would also suffice.

I found this parameter:
That seems to support this functionality, but is not a parameter that shows up in the parameter list for the latest Navio compatible ArduCopter version (ArduCopter: 3.4.6)

How can I modify the disarmed pwm value? (to either 0 or 1500)

Thank you.

Hello, Ilya!

I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to reply. Is it still something you’d like to have answered? If not could please, share with the rest of us how’d you work it out?

IIRC, you can set the disarmed value in the Radio Control tab in any GCS.

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