Setting communication to UGCS, which connection settings?

Hello together,
i´m using EMLID Edge for the first time on my copter and i intend to fly with the UGCS Pro software.
But i don´t know exactly how to connect it.
In UGCS exist an vsm.conf file, here i can set the connection parameters.
Where can i find the TCPIP and UDP port from the EDGE module?
Which protocol is necessary for a functional connection?
UDP? TCPIP? or serial?

Here is a attachement from the original UGCS configuration file
Thank you very much!
ardupilot_vsm.pdf (34.3 KB)

Hi @rcdevil,

UgCS has a guide for connecting the Ardupilot to it.
Hope it’ll help you.

i know this guide, but without any success…:cry:

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