Setting a known mount point using NTRIP corrections

Hey All–

I just wanted to verify that when I set the base over a known point (like an NGS marker) that the measured height between the marker and the base should not include the sensor distance (134 mm). Is this correct?

I’m testing the accuracy from a known geodetic marker to a position of a fixed point. I’m then reversing the process and surveying from that new ‘known’ point back to the geodetic marker. For both measurements I’m using NTRIP to transmit corrections. The longitude and latitude are very accurate. The height in multiple tests, however, has been off by approximately +/- .268 m–which is around the same distance as the sensor (.134 m) doubled.

Any clarification would be much appreciation!

Check the conversation in this thread, it has the answer. TLDR: you need to add the 134mm.

@Gabriel_C, thanks for pointing out the thread.

Hi @kvand,

Gabriel is correct: you need to add the 134 cm to the pole height while establishing the antenna height in the Base mode tab. You can check out our video Placing the base over the known point for more details. Our guide on Placing the base can also be of help as well.

Thanks @polina.buriak. I’ll run the tests again and let you know how it goes.

It is accounted for in the rover in RV3 correct? I know it is in FieldGenius.

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Hi Michael,

In ReachView 3, when you’re using the Survey tool, you just need to insert the pole height for Reach RS2 and Reach RS+. The distance between the bottom of the device and the APC will be added automatically.

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Why can’t this be done for the base ?

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Hi Bryan,

We’re working on improving the Base mode tab in the ReachView 3 app!


Thanks Polina ! I know y’all are working hard on this and all the users here really appreciate the dedication the Emlid team has.

EMILD has come a long way since I bought my M2’s one year ago and when I joined the forum.


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