Setpoint_raw equivalent MAVROS topic for APM stack

PX4 have a MAVROS topic that named “setpoint_raw”. If coordinate_frame “FRAME_BODY_OFFSET_NED” is set, you can make drone move relative to the current vehicle heading. I searched all MAVROS topics for apm stack but cant find one. What is the equivalent of this coordinate_frame for Navio2 stack?

Hi Berke,

Welcome to the community forum and sorry for the late reply.

Navio2 works with mavros that supports APM stack. You can check all topics for the APM stack on the wiki page for mavros. I believe that it might be more helpful for you to check the ROS forum as well.

Alternatively, it’s possible to configure PX4 firmware on Navio2 to use setpoint_raw plugin. You can find all the instructions on the custom build in PX4 docs. However, we can’t be of much help with it as ArduPilot is our only supported autopilot.

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