Set up Reach RS as Reference in MicroSurvey FieldGenius?

Have (2) Emlid Reach RS units as BASE & the other as ROVER.

I know this is more a MicroSurvey FieldGenius question for them, which I will refer to them also, but they also refer me to Emlid about certain aspects which helps from both parties in my situation.

The recent latest versions of FieldGenius9 now support make/model Emlid Reach RS as a ROVER natively. Great! It worked fine even before they added it officially as it was NMEA Basic setup (generic basically), but worked fine.

But what I am confused about is there is NOT a make/model selection in the GNSS Reference setup for Emlid Reach RS nor NMEA Basic.

Referring to the help videos here, maybe I am missing something here? Do I even need to set my Reach RS Base up as a Reference? Or just set the BASE on any CONTROL POINT? I think this is where MicroSurvey refers me to Emlid for help here as they are not totally familiar with Emlid Reach RS used this way?

To help, what I am MAINLY trying to accomplish with the BASE and ROVER units is creating points relative to control points in AutoCAD (or any CAD software that allows export of these points and import into FieldGenius via DXF or .csv files).
Going to the site, locating at least (2) of control points for positioning and alignment, then staking out the rest of the points. Seems pretty simple for the most part, but I am lost when going to the field to do all of this correctly. From what I understand, supposed to use Local Transformation to Point? Rotate / Translate / Scale (RTS)?

About 2:53 in:
5:12 in, confused about setting the Reference Position. Seems this happens in ReachView with BASE?

More info:

I can obviously set up the ROVER profile easily:

Thank you for any help here as I am not completely getting some of this.


I think you are mixing refrence point in the map/file or project you are about to stake out and the refrence system where you use rover/base configuration.
Ones you’ve have a rtk fix in rover and has enabled nmea output to your data collector, you shouldn’t do anything more with the base/rover setup.
My belive is your project file you are trying to set up and it’s asking to refrence it to the world. And this basically happens when a dwg/dxf lacks georefrence file or is not georefrenced.
I would Google - how to georefrence dxf-

That should give you a direction for solving the issue I think you have.

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