Set Up M2 as Base

Im just starting to set up my M2 as a base and am wanting to possibly mount the antenna on the roof, I have done some small testing with the M2 acting as base and outputting corrections via NTRIP server to our rovers and that is working well so far. Now i just need to set up, so was wanting to ask for help in regards to set up.

Is there an option where the base can be left within the office and just have the antenna extended to the roof? Also curious to know how others may have their M2 base set up as well.


Search back community, lots of posts.



Potato Farmer knows his stuff !


Hi @aaron.solofa,

The setup you described is possible. You can keep the M2 indoors, and place the antenna outside. However, I suggest using the antenna cable as short as possible.

Our store provides a 2m extension cable for such integration. In general, approximately up to 10m cables should also be acceptable. However, we haven’t taken tests with such cables. So, I can hardly share any details about the signal distortion in this case.

I also want to mention that I agree with Tim and Bryan. The community forum has a lot of posts regarding this topic. You may also want to watch Potato Farmer’s YouTube video regarding this.


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