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Trying to set up a new Reach RS. When we first turned on the Reach, we connected to its wifi through our iphone. Then, through the reachview app, we were able to add our university’s public wifi (which might be the problem?). After that, the reach blue light blinked fast then went to slow blinking. When I changed my phones wifi to the public university wifi, the app says “We can’t seem to find any reach receivers in your local network”. So it seems the Reach has connected to this wifi, but we are unable to find it in the app when we are also connected. Can anyone help us troubleshoot this?

Hi Anna,

Great to see you on Emlid forum!

What smartphone do you use?

Hi Dmitriy! You have many jobs at Emlid! I have an iPhone- this was also happening on an iPad.

Can you try the fing app ?

Your university`s wifi might block certain features Reach uses to function properly.
They might use an IP address in conflict with Reach like 192.168.2.x

I would recommend using a different wifi under your control.


Hi Anna,

Could you provide more info on what’s the type of network you try to use with Reach?

Also, have you tried to connect Reach to other networks, for example, to your phone hotspot? Does the issue persist in this case?

I think our school wifi was causing the problems. We successfully connected using wifi at a coffee shop :slight_smile: thanks for the help!


Hi Anna,

Glad to hear it works with another Wi-Fi network :slightly_smiling_face:

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